7 Tasks A Social Media Manager VA Can Help You With Today

There is no question that social media is becoming the marketplace for services and products. In fact, a whopping 90% of brands use social media in their marketing campaigns and 77% of those brands expect to increase their usage of social media in the near future! 

So when our clients come to us struggling to keep up with all their social media accounts, as well as their daily tasks of being a business owner, it’s no surprise that’s one of the first things they want a VA to start helping with. 

But you might be wondering what exactly are the tasks your new VA can help you with, or maybe you read our article “Social Media Manager vs Social Media Strategist” and you’re still on the fence about if a social media manager VA is the right fit for you. If there is any question at all about what one of our talented VA’s can get started with for you today then read on to discover the 7 tasks an Office Mercenary Social Media Manager VA can help you with today! 

  1. Create graphics for quotes or 1 liner content

Your VA can help make your punchy quotes and CTA’s come to life on social media with a quick graphic! You just supply the content and logo and we get to work, making it look on-brand and beautiful!

  1. Search for articles based on topics provided

Don’t have enough time in your week to get to reading relatable articles that you could fill your social network publishing calendar? Let one of our VA’s take the tasks off your plate. You provide topics and our VA’s start reading and researching to make sure it fits your narrative on the topic!

  1. Research external content

Do you need to know who your competitors are? Maybe you need to know better keywords for your hashtags? Our VA’s can help you and set you apart from the crowd through researching external content. You just provide the topics and we do the rest!

  1. Make sure content is posted on all your social media platforms

Did you know that more consistent postings on social media mean better audience engagement? Or maybe you just can’t keep track of which platform you posted what to? We help keep all your social media accounts active, aligned to your brand, and consistent! 

  1. Schedule posts out ahead of time

Know your social media cadence before you post! Set yourself and your business up for success by batch scheduling your posts. That way your brand is consistent amongst all your platforms and you can plan out your other marketing campaigns more effectively. 

  1. Add your logo and/or brand colors to a photo

Sometimes all it takes to take your social media to the next level is branding! Let our VA’s help your audience know your brand and get your logo on images! 

  1. Respond small talk in comments or direct messages on platforms

Don’t miss another brand partnership again! Rack up the great reviews and say thank you to your customers! Keep your consumers happy and hire a VA to keep up with comments and messages for your business. There is no need to worry you won’t be in the loop either, we reach out with questions and keep our clients up to date throughout the process!