Our Mission

Our goal is to help you get back to what you love about your business and your life. Let a virtual assistant help you with the things you don't want to do, aren't good at, or don't have time for so you can focus on what generates revenue and keep a life outside your office. At Office Mercenary, we're dedicated to helping you be your best self. 

How it Started...

Selena Thiele

The creative brain behind the name. Selena was a solo mercenary for 3.5 years and has 15+ years of admin experience under her belt. Her specialties began in Bookkeeping, and expanded into a range of small business needs, making her one hell of a leader. Her hit-list was becoming way too much to take on herself, and needed a team.

Founder | Lead VA

Alyssa Griffiths

The push to expand. Alyssa co-owns a sister company specializing in Web Development and business technology. As the Project Management expert, she knew a VA is the perfect next step to any company's new technical tool. With Selena's list overloaded, and consistently seeing the 'get it done' portion for small businesses being a major hang up, the 2 joined together to build a team. Alyssa builds the processes to execute whatever mark the client needs.

Co-Founder | Lead VA

Meet the Mercs

Office Mercenary virtual assistants are trained for what you need! Our talented team will get it done and make improvements as needed, so you're always getting the best possible outcome for your time and money.

Selena Thiele | Founder


Skills: Bookkeeping, Customer Service, Event Management

Alyssa Griffiths | Co-founder


Skills: System Building, Process Development, Operations

Shelli Sharp | OBM


Skills: Hubspot Specialist, Onboarding, Client Relations

Natalie Higgins | Creative Director


Skills: Social Media Management, Email Newsletters, Blog Writing

Abby Lilly | Virtual Admin


Skills: CRM Management, Data Entry, Customer Service

Johnsy Johnson | Virtual Admin


Skills: Data Entry, File Organization, Document Management

Megan Williams | Virtual Admin


Skills: Social Media Management, Marketing Assistance

Elizabeth Fischer | Virtual Admin


Skills: CRM Management, File Management, Customer Service

So, Why Choose Us?

US Local 

All our VA's are local to the US. (Most of us in Colorado!) It gives us the cutting edge to understanding your clientele. We live and connect with the very same people you serve every day.

Team Dynamic

Ever hear that "two heads are better than one?" A VA can quickly become the person who holds your entire company in their hands. We carry that load as a team, so you are better supported.

Growth Minded

Train once, and you'll never train again. We work with you to develop standard operating procedures, update them as your needs change, and train the next additions to your team so you don't have to.

What Are You Waiting For?

Let's get started.