Is a Social Media VA Worth It?

As small business owners, we understand that letting go of the tasks you have been doing yourself can be hard and daunting. Or maybe you are just overwhelmed by the thought of even starting. (You can read this to help!) Office Mercenary is no stranger to helping both new and old businesses get their feet wet in delegating and prioritizing tasks. Maybe you recognize that some of the social media tasks are “emptying your cup” too fast and should really be handed off to someone else, but your budget is tight and you aren’t sure if they can really nail your brand like you do. 

If you have wondered if a social media VA really worth it, well, we really think it is! Here’s a list of why:

  1. Don’t waste precious money-making time any longer. Even when it’s not part of a large marketing strategy, scheduling, confirming, and interacting on social media can be a time-consuming process. A dedicated virtual assistant can help with that!
  2. Have you ever forgotten to post weekly? Consistency is a major part of how social media platforms allow you to be seen! Your VA will spend their time prioritizing posting and staying true to your brand!
  3. Tools and tech experience for the win! A Social Media Virtual Assistant has tools and experience that allows them to be faster than someone not involved in the social space. Office Mercenary also works with a variety of tech literacy levels. Sometimes the time it takes our less tech-inclined clients to schedule a post is enough of a reason for them to understand the benefit of a social media VA. Other times, our clients may not have the budget or resources to purchase a posting tool so it makes sense to hire a team who has that access. Whatever the reason, rest assured your VA can and will be faster than you and that’s worth hiring someone for! Save yourself time and money!
  4. Don’t get lost in the sea of search rankings- Have we mentioned that consistency is key to your social strategy?! Search rankings like to see a company in multiple places. Even if a social media account doesn’t have a lot of likes/interaction, if they’re posting regularly it allows customers (and possibly even Google’s algorithm) to see you’re a business that’s currently operating and building/growing.
  5. You will only have to learn one name! Your dedicated VA can start in social media and move into other parts of your company. This is what separates Office Mercenary from a lot of other Virtual Assistant Agencies. Our VA’s aren’t just trained in social media management, but all admin-related tasks. So, when you are ready to hand off more tasks, we are here to support you and your process. In addition, you won’t have to retrain a new virtual assistant, which saves loads of energy, time, and money!