Will My VA Charge a Setup Fee?

“Let’s get started!”

Fantastic! We love your enthusiasm, but we want to make sure the cart doesn’t go before the horse. You have built your business and the processes within it a particular way; you hold the keys to the kingdom. We need at least the castle blueprints before we can breach the gate efficiently. Sometimes those blueprints are very detailed. Other times, they are scribbled on a napkin or trapped in your head.

If you are wondering about a set-up fee and if it pertains to you and your business, here’s a few flags that are a sign you might need the extra time and help.

You are a fairly new business (~6 mos or less)

Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of following your dreams and being your own boss! Most businesses don’t start with a host of patrons and investors, so a new business is probably a naked business. You don’t have the “armour” of tried and true processes or digital tools to protect you against uncertainties. Not to worry though, we can help! We have templates, workflows, and other tools to help you build a starter armour set.

All the processes are in your head

This may or may not need a setup fee, but we’ve found that if it’s not documented somewhere, we’ll probably need to spend extra time to get things ready to go. If your processes are all stuck in your noggin, we need to get them out! If you can do so on your own, well… no setup needed. If you need some help dumping everything out and sorting through it, that’s where a setup would come into play. We know how to guide and ask the right questions to get all the knowledge we need to get the job done.

Technology is NOT your friend

If all those project management, CRM, and digital tools just make your head swirl, it’s a pretty good sign you will need a setup fee. Being virtual, it is vital to have everything we need to complete our tasks in a digital platform. This is not to say you need to use it too! You are the business owner; the only thing you need to know is it’s taken care of. However, we still need to gather your processes and mold them to fit the right digital tools for your business and, you guessed it, set up those tools!

At the end of the day, you can rest assured no matter how organized (or disorganized) your business is, Office Mercenary can take care of the problem. We will do everything in our power to provide the resources you need to avoid a virtual assistant setup fee, but, if it is needed, you can trust us to create a solid foundation for you and your business to succeed.