Virtual Assistant for Social Media Management

Social media. It may be viewed as a blessing, a curse, or more frequently, both simultaneously. 

What isn’t under debate is how beneficial a social media presence can be for businesses. A social media presence can make you more recognizable and increase your company’s social credibility (that ‘know, like, and trust’ factor) that plays into not just people deciding to use your company, but also things like Google rankings. Even if you don’t have a lot of online interaction on your profiles, it still may provide SEO boosts and valuable awareness. 

But we also know that, no matter the platform, social media algorithms reward consistency. It would rather you post once a week on a consistent basis than post 12 times one week and nothing else for 2 months. Unfortunately, the life and work flow of many small business owners tends more towards working on their company’s primary offerings and anything else happens in fits. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does mean the work you’re putting forward with your social media may not get as much traction and it’s so important for small business owners to use their time in ways that will provide the best outcome. 

So, how can a small business start getting social media traction?

Here’s where a virtual assistant can help manage your social media to keep things working more consistently. Social media management is all about making sure social profiles are posting regularly with the current best practices, responding to people interacting with your page or group, and making sure your message is consistent across platforms.This usually involves some content creation, data analysis, and converting content to work across various social media platforms. Within a short period of time, a virtual assistant can get all of things up and running, scheduled to your specifications and ready to adjust based on feedback and analysis, and making the time you spend working on your content more effective.

A social media strategist will do more in depth work as part of an overall marketing strategy that can include things such as more hashtag research, heavier duty content creation, and further campaign analysis. We absolutely recommend bringing on a specialist for this when you can (and we have some great recommendations to share), but most small businesses want to start with getting content out regularly which a virtual assistant for social media management can do for less than a full strategist, making it a more affordable starting point. A manager may also continue to work with the strategist to make sure new strategies are implemented quickly and easily, keeping the strategist able to focus and spend less time to get the results small businesses want, much like how a bookkeeper and accountant work together.

In short, a virtual assistant for social media management can get groups and business pages set up for long term success with a consistent message and posting schedule, multiple social media platform support, and less of your valuable time.